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Waking up in the morning at Regency Park is a delight, plain and simple. Imagine the prospect of a fine day spent in good company, where sorting out what to do first is the only challenge. For there is a lot to do here. Our calendar offers abundant opportunity to get out and about in this charming area — for shopping, golfing, theater tours, cruises and visits to the Museum of Art, to name but a few. Or you can rest easy at home where musical performances, movies, or a round of bridge are only steps away. And then there are our clubs, wide-ranging and enthusiastically supported. Better still, pursue your special passion, find a group of fellow aficionados, and form your own club. Is that something you’ve always wanted to do? Well, you can do it here.

The next best thing to waking up in the morning here is to be a regular reader of our newsletter and calendar of events. It offers a wonderful portrait of Regency Park life and upcoming events.

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